Photography should act as chronicler of what’s happening throughout Launceston at any given time. These can be the small moments unexpectedly captured, or gatherings seen from a local’s perspective.

Here are a few visual keys to keep in mind:

We are embedded in the city, always amongst the action and in the moment.

* People are what make Launnie, so we try to hero them in most shots.

* We capture unexpected moments.

* We use interesting perspectives, as if seen from someone’s point of view.

* Our images can be light and bold — as we want to capture all the different sides to Launnie.

Photo montage of Launnie people


To experience Launceston, is to experience it from a human perspective. That’s why when we’re photographing people, we place them in the centre of our frames, heroing them, their stories, their everyday moments.

So, when we’re taking photos of people, there’s a few things to always keep in mind:

  • We get up close and personal, and capture our people in a way that feels like we are there with them, sharing the moment. It should feel “in the moment”, and unposed.
  • We capture the unique and authentic characters of our city — not models flown in for a photo shoot. We are unafraid of showing the real side to our community: our proud moments, our quiet moments, our sense of humour.

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Photo montage of Launnie places


When we want to show our environment, whether that’s out in nature, or in our historic streets, we want to capture the human perspective to it — inviting everyone in to the places that we know and love.

  • We shoot from a human POV, like we’re embedded in local Launnie life.
  • Photos should never feel staged, but capture the energy and motion of the city.
  • We always try to put the focus on the people within the environment.

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Photo montage of Launnie product


We’re makers and gatherers in Launnie. And there’s a lot of thing we make and gather well: food, wine, art, craft, produce, flowers. So, when we photograph products, our imagery should always hero the people, produce and products that makes Launnie great.

  • Wherever possible, we focus on the process of making, not just the product.
  • There should often be a human element in the frame: a hand holding a glass, picking an apple etc.
  • We want to feel part of the moment, to see things from a local POV, or a slightly unexpected perspective.

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